Attention Home Based Business Owners – Keywords Are the Key to Your Success!

You have entrepreneurial spirit, you’ve researched all of the work at home business options available, and you’ve armed yourself with the basic knowledge necessary to launch your new home based business. But, have you considered one of the most critical components related to the success of your business…whether your product niche or business category is in demand right now?Clearly, the most successful home based businesses are those offering products that are in hot demand. The key, of course, is determining which products are best sellers that will provide the most profit potential for you. When evaluating business ideas and market demand, start by identifying topics that are popular with the general public, then narrow your research by looking a specific segments of the population.For example, today internet marketing and social media are extremely popular topics. With this basic knowledge, an on-line business owner could offer “How To” e-Books, white papers or articles on sales prospecting using internet and social media marketing tools. These content-based products could be written by the owner themselves (you) or offered through affiliate marketing – thereby matching demand for content with targeted products, resulting in significant profits with minimal effort.Determining whether there is sufficient demand for your product is critical to ensuring that your home based business will be a success. Demand for a topic or product will drive prospective buyers to your website, as a result of internet search requests by those seeking information about a particular subject or offering. Simply having a website will not generate leads or ensure that potential buyers are visiting your site; you must drive prospects to your website through marketing activities designed to create visibility for your site.An effective way to evaluate demand for a topic or product is to conduct a keyword search through Google’s keyword tool. Google’s keyword search tool allows you to determine the level of interest for a specific subject, by showing you the number of times that topic or product has been searched during a certain period of time. Clearly, the more often a topic or product is searched, the greater likelihood that product will be a best seller for the home based business owner.Once you identify a related search engine keyword, note its average daily volume, then research even further. For example, if you discover a good volume keyword phrase related to home based businesses, such as “top ten home based businesses” don’t stop there – continue further and use the tool to find keywords related to that phrase that you may not otherwise have considered.After you have compiled a list of prospective keywords, use the Google keyword tool to search for those specific words or phrases in order to identify the number of results being returned. The most optimal search words/phrases are those that combine the highest volume (popularity) with the fewest results in a search (competitiveness).The bottom line here is simple; those words or phrases that have the highest volume of searches (people looking for that subject or product) with the fewest results (meaning only a limited number of sites offer information about that subject or product) will produce the best results for your business, if you tie those words or phrases to your website. The fewer sites offering information about that topic, the less competition for your business.Keyword search tools are an effective way to ensure that your business is offering products or services that are in demand and popular among the general public. For more information about home based businesses visit

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